The State of the Oil and Gas Industry

In preparation for the 2020 Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference, the ASUG events team uncovered the industry’s key pain points, day-to-day challenges, and current trends. We have identified the following areas of focus oil and gas professionals are facing today through one-on-one conversations with organizations, thought leaders, and stakeholders that are leveraging SAP technology to help run their businesses.

These insights will help us develop a conference agenda that’s specific to the SAP oil and gas network. Complete the form below to be the first to receive our complete research once it’s released in March.

2020 Hot Topics:

Innovating with emerging technologies such as RPA, AI, and ML 
There are high expectations for digitization to change the way the oil and gas industry currently does business.

Getting value from data across an organization
Data management now encompasses not only clean data, but also having capability to derive insights through human and potentially through AI-driven analysis.

Preparing for major ERP changes
Most companies are facing the same question—when (and how) to move to SAP S/4HANA? Optimizing and integrating current products requires a significant amount of oversight.

Streamlining and automating business processes
Organizations are looking to standardize all core digital solutions to aid efficiency and develop a streamlined ERP as a foundation for innovation.

Managing operational costs and efficiency
Automation and streamlining processes through change management can help a business perform optimally.


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