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Change is Easy, Except for the People

The next wave of change coming to our industry is shaping up to be different from earlier waves in a few key respects. First, the new digital tools look like they will impact more processes, jobs, and roles in quite profound ways. In many cases, the impacted jobs have not had to deal with much significant change in many years. The overall impacts are projected to be dramatic. Even the pace of change feels like it’s accelerating. And so far, the architects and designers of the new digital solutions aimed at consumers have demonstrated remarkably limited awareness of how their creations impact society.

The next generation of business leaders need guidance on how to successfully introduce change to the work world, particularly digital change. This presentation will discuss why change feels different, illustrated with examples drawn from recent efforts. It will explore the three underlying human drivers that underpin change challenges. It will share some of the leading practices for managing change in this profoundly new era.

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