Top Gains from 2017’s Best Practices for Oil & Gas Conference


2017’s Best Practices for Oil and Gas conference brought together dozens of thought leaders, hundreds of energy professionals, and top level executives straight from SAP. The result? An abundance of valuable content, profitable new business connections, and fresh perspectives on the entire state of the industry. All-in-all, this year’s show was a huge success for all in attendance. Take a look at the biggest takeaways that made #BPOG one of the top conferences for the oil and gas community.


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Session Highlight: BP’s Lead Architect speaks about Agile Architecture for IT Assets


At 2017’s Best Practices for Oil and Gas, attendees walked away with an abundance of in-depth knowledge from the subject-matter experts presenting at each session. In the Accounting and Finance track at this year’s conference, Noorddin Taj—the Lead Architect of Strategy at BP—gave a first-hand account of what defines a successful divestment, which in his words includes:

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On-Demand Webcast: Devon Energy’s Ariba Implementation Journey

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Greg Dolezal – Senior Manager IT, Devon Energy

Devon Energy implemented SAP Ariba in 2015 to help manage costs due to the struggling oil and gas price environment. Since then, Devon has continued maturing the solution to include full Procure-to-Pay functionality which will go-live this month. Hear from Devon’s Senior IT Manager, Greg Dolezal, on their key learnings from their implementation journey plus get an update on where they stand today.

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Success Stories inside SAP’s Oil & Gas Community

pexels-photo-87236One of the biggest and most valuable draws to any user conference is the community discussions. You have ample chances of networking with like-minded businesses experiencing the same trials and tribulations with SAP software. It also provides rare opportunities for peer learning, where case studies can be directly used to the benefit of your own business model. Through the following customer stories, get a sneak peek inside other oil and gas organizations to discover the insights and experiences you can potentially integrate into your own success story.Continue reading

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Critical Concerns of Oil & Gas Companies

oil rigThe current state of the Oil & Gas industry is a complex multitude of changes from technology innovations, economic shifts, and growing competition. Headlines sprawled across respected news outlets and research institutes alike scream phrases like “Prosperity Postponed”, “Slow Path to Recovery”, and “6 of the 8 top oil-pumping states hit recession“, leaving an abundance of questions surrounding the industry’s financial complexities and future business trends. Continue reading

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On-Demand Live Chat: Technology as a Vehicle to Competitive Advantage at Devon Energy

webcast-image-300x200View the recording

Devon Energy’s Director of IT, Lane Hale, describes Devon’s most recent innovative technology implementations and how they are leveraging them to drive success. Stéphane Lauzon, SAP’s Director of the Oil & Gas Industry Business Unit, joins Lane and the Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference team as they discuss:

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Infographic: Why Attend BPOG in 2016

In today’s dynamic and challenging oil and gas market, it is more important than ever to join your peers to discover how to drive value from technology to reduce costs, drive operational efficiencies, increase visibility, become more agile and improve your bottom line. No other conference will offer you a more in-depth look at the latest solutions and strategies for the complex industry issues you are faced with today. You will leave Best Practices for Oil & Gas with a network of professionals and experts who you can call on year-round. It’s time to survive and thrive in the digital energy revolution.

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